Popcorn fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Strategies For Popcorn Sales

Here are some popcorn fundraising ideas for your school to try. These are just some of the many creative fundraising ideas for elementary school students.

Why hold a popcorn sale for your next fundraiser? Simply put people enjoy a bag of popcorn to munch on. What would a movie or carnival be without a good old bag of popcorn to eat?

  1. Popcorn can be sold for a dollar a bag or two dollars a bag. This will work if you get someone to donate the supplies and equipment and make the popcorn. Then you will need volunteers to sell the popcorn.
  2. You can simultaneously do a bake sale with homemade baked goods. For example, you could sell cookies for .25 each and brownies for 1.00 each. If you want to make it more of a money-making event, sell larger items such as pies or BIG chocolate chip cookies for $2–$3 each!
  3. Most commercial stores will allow you to stand outside and fundraise. For instance, perhaps you have seen the Girl Scouts selling cookies or the Red Cross asking for donations outside of a Sams Club on a Saturday afternoon. Be sure to get permission from the store manager before setting up your table. Otherwise, you risk being asked to leave.
  4. Have a popcorn sale during school hours. This is a great way to raise money and awareness for your fundraiser. Kids have pocket money and love to eat snacks. Many of them stop at the store on the way home for a candy bar. By offering a healthy snack at school, you can make it easy for them to make healthier decisions.
  5. Have a popcorn sale at a local event. This is a great way to get people to donate to your cause. Does your community have an annual parade, a founders day festival, or something similar? Ask about selling as a vendor. They may waive the vendor fees if you are a nonprofit organization.
  6. Have a popcorn sale online. This is a great way to reach people who may not be able to physically participate in person. Use your website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Talk about your event on TikTok too.
  7. Have a popcorn sale at a local business.
  8. Have a popcorn sale at a school event. This works great for football games and baseball games. Prepackage the popcorn in sealed bas and sell it like they sell peanuts at the major league baseball stadium stands.
  9. Advertise using word of mouth, texting, email, and social media. Remember to use old-fashioned flyers too.

Gourmet popcorn fundraiser profit

This depends on the way you run your popcorn event. If you do all the work yourself and actually make the popcorn, you will have margins of 50% or more. Be sure to allow for renting a popcorn machine and buying the popcorn kernals.

What is the BEST popcorn fundraiser?

If you don’t like to make popcorn, try this. Another option is to team up with a popcorn company and sell ready-made gourmet popcorn. For instance, companies like Fundraising Zone have a popcorn fundraising program where they do all the work for you. That means no sticky fingers! They supply you with brochures that show all the fancy popcorn flavors. All your volunteers have to do is show the catalog and collect payment for the popcorn sold. Schools and nonprofits can earn up to 50% without any dirty work!

You can do something similar with stores in your local community that sell fancy popcorn. Just ask if they have a fundraising program. I’m sure they will be happy to work with you.




Popcorn Festivals

Learn more about Popcorn Days.

The popcorn festivals are popular all over the mid west. Afterall the midwest is the biggest supplier of corn for the popcorn industry. Here are some of the biggest popcorn days type festivals celebrated annually. Community festivals like this can help local businesses stay open during a difficult economy. Furthermore they provide wholesome entertainment for people of all ages!

  • The Beaver Creek Popcorn festival –
  • Marion –
  • Downtown Valparaiso –
  • Popcorn Days of Nebraska –
  • Manito –
  • Van Buren –